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By The Numbers: Eye on the Industry

July/August 2013

By Dorothy Wagener

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It’s common knowledge that higher education access and affordability have become hot-button topics in recent years. A few snapshots from public opinion research, coupled with trend measurements by government and higher education industry professionals, show some interesting comparisons.

Edited by Dorothy Wagener

The Importance of a Degree

Cost and Affordability

Student Debt



DOROTHY WAGENER is editor in chief of Business Officer at NACUBO.


ESSAY: Reclaiming the Public Discourse

Perception Correction

Calculating the value of higher education will inevitably exclude factors critical to society. We should not let what's measurable determine what is meaningful. We need the next generation to ask questions grander than 'How much money will I make'...They, and we, deserve better. 'What barrier will I break?' or 'How can I change the world?' These are the questions we must inspire every student to ask.

—Gene D. Block, chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles; "College Is More Than a 'Return on Investment,'" The Washington Post, March 14, 2013.