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The Next Chapter

July/August 2016

By Preeti Vasishtha

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Three perspectives outline ways in which institutions can ensure their future relevance and economic sustainability.

Edited by Preeti Vasishtha

So what can college and university leaders do now to maintain their economic solidity and future relevance? The possibilities are many, ranging from maintaining the status quo to replacing current institutions with something completely different.

Business Officer invited a university president, a former president, and a futurist to share their insights on the future of higher education.

Waded Cruzado, president, Montana State University, Bozeman, discusses strategies that MSU has adopted to make its own economic foundation stronger.

Brian Mitchell, former president of Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., and Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, Pa., advocates the need for institutions to look within themselves to change their internal operations in order to achieve financially viable models.

Bryan N. Alexander, a futurist, researcher, and consultant, presents four future scenarios that institutions may find themselves in by 2025. Each situation presents major challenges and opportunities for business officers.

PREETI VASISHTHA is deputy editor of Business Officer. 

Positioning for Future Success

Institutional Introspection

What Could It Look Like in 2025?