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March 2019

NACUBO Annual Meeting Main Stage Speakers

The NACUBO 2019 Annual Meeting, to be held July 13–16 in Austin, will mark 20 years since the association last hosted its annual meeting in the Lone Star State. This year’s theme, “We Are the Journey,” reflects the unique culture, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong advocacy of our host city. 

Touching on topics from talent generation and the future of work to perspectives on the current political landscape, to where the financial markets are heading and how to be forewarned and forearmed, this year’s main stage speakers will prime attendees for a productive and meaningful meeting and help set them on the road to excellence.

On Sunday, July 14, Josh Miller and Sarah Sladek will discuss generations in the workplace. Miller is a passionate and informed advocate for his generation—Gen Z. At the age of 16, he’s an award-winning entrepreneur and thought leader who has met, and been mentored by, several notable business leaders. Miller brings considerable research and insight to his presentations, drawing on his experiences as both a high school student and a young consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Sladek is a leading researcher and foremost authority on Generations X, Y, and Z. Using her ability to deliver information in entertaining and provocative ways, Sladek will blend pop culture with best practices, trend forecasting, research, and strategy. This tandem talk will help you learn how to engage today’s students and young professionals and provide valuable insights into future workforce trends.

Journalist Clarence Page will address the conference on Monday, July 15. Page is a nationally syndicated columnist and a member of the Chicago Tribune editorial board. He is also a regular contributor to news programs, such as The PBS News Hour, The McLaughlin Group, and The Chris Matthews Show, among others. Page is the 1989 Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary and author of the book Showing My Color: Impolite Essays on Race and Identity (HarperCollins, 1996). Through insightful observations and amusing behind-the-scenes anecdotes, this Washington insider will analyze and evaluate the 2008 elections and beyond, offering his own unique perspective on the current political landscape.

For the closing main stage presentation on Tuesday, July 16, Guy Adami, one of the original “Fast Money Five” on CNBC’s Fast Money and a veteran financial services leader, will share his expert, no-holds-barred assessment of how market trends will impact your business or industry now and in the future. An independent trader and champion for independent financial advice, Adami has held high-level leadership positions with some of the top financial companies in the world. One of the most seasoned, trusted, and personable financial analysts in the field, Adami’s incisive breakdown of developing economic conditions will give your organization a competitive advantage in the U.S. and global marketplaces.

For more information about the annual meeting and to register, visit Early discount rates will increase after March 31.

Share Your Expertise at the Fall Workshops

NACUBO is seeking compelling presentations that offer in-depth and practical treatment of current issues facing colleges and universities. You can advance these conversations and gain visibility for the work that you’re doing by submitting a proposal to present content at one of NACUBO’s fall workshops. This is your opportunity to share your approach, knowledge, and experiences regarding strategies and tactics that will resonate with a higher education audience.

For more details, including submission guidelines and desired topic areas according to program, visit and select “Submit Content” under the “Conferences & E-Learning” tab.


Planning and Budgeting Forum
Sept. 16–17, 2019 | PITTSBURGH
Call for Proposals:
Feb. 19–April 8, 2019

Tax Forum
Oct. 27–29, 2019 | ATLANTA
Call for Proposals:
March 11–May 6, 2019

Global Operations Forum
Oct. 29–30, 2019 | ATLANTA
Call for Proposals:
March 15–May 13, 2019

Elizabeth “Libby” George Named 2019 Endowment Award Recipient

Elizabeth “Libby” George, director of investments at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, is the recipient of the 2019 Rodney H. Adams Endowment Award. This award recognizes outstanding individual contributions to professional development activities in college or university endowment and investment management. NACUBO presented George with her award in February at the 2019 Endowment and Debt Management Forum in New York City.

Among her many accomplishments, George developed the NC State Foundations’ Sustainable Responsible Impact Fund in 2014. In conjunction with this initiative, she has created and delivered numerous conference and workshop sessions on the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices—including a session at the 2018 NACUBO Endowment and Debt Management Forum. In addition to her work on socially responsible investing, George manages and directs more than $1.2 billion of university investment portfolios in charitable giving, short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term endowments. 

George’s commitment to educating others about endowments is manifest in her work with the students, donors, and board members of NC State. She regularly collaborates with the NC State Poole College of Management and has designed and presented an “Endowment University” full-day session for university-associated entity board members to provide a deep dive on how the university’s endowment is invested.

George serves on the editorial committee for The Investment Institute, a North Carolina organization dedicated to education on the latest developments and trends in the financial marketplace. She has been a speaker at institute meetings, as well as meetings of NMS Management and the Intentional Endowments Network. 

George earned her B.S. in accounting from Auburn University, Auburn, Ala., and is a certified public accountant. 

Ciocchetti Is the 2019 Leadership Series Speaker

NACUBO is pleased to announce that the leadership series speaker for 2019 is Corey Ciocchetti, associate professor of business ethics and legal studies at the University of Denver, Colo. Ciocchetti will deliver his presentation—Inspire Integrity: Chasing an Authentic Life, in which he discusses “authentic success” and living an ethical life as it relates to workplace morale, motivation, and leadership—at NACUBO’s Student Financial Services Conference, Higher Education Accounting Forum, Planning and Budgeting Forum, and Tax Forum.

For more information about Ciocchetti and the leadership series, visit the NACUBO website and click on “Conferences & E-Learning,” and then select “Leadership Series Speaker.” See the Professional Development Calendar for more details about upcoming NACUBO conferences and workshops. 

New Distance Learning Programs

Consider viewing one of these upcoming events to learn about best practices during presidential transitions, participate remotely in the Higher Education Accounting Forum, and discover how diversity can be an asset to your organization. 

Professional Development