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November 2019

New Sustainability Newsletter

NACUBO is introducing a new, quarterly newsletter that connects campus financial, environmental, sustainability, and efficiency efforts to state, national, and global trends. Campus Sustainability Connection highlights successes and encourages conversations on ways for institutions to improve.

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Webcast on Enrollment

To learn more about the future of enrollment and how to prepare for the shifting landscape in higher education, consider viewing this on-demand webcast.

 Analyzing the enrollment forecast. The college enrollment landscape is quickly evolving, and senior enrollment and financial officers need to begin carefully planning for the new kinds of revenue challenges that many institutions will face in fall 2020. The webcast Mapping the New Enrollment Frontier will provide a look into the competitive landscape and new financial pressures facing today’s colleges and universities, describe ways that the FAFSA is (and isn’t) shaping student behavior, and show evidence that students and parents have approached their college decisions differently in 2019. The presenters will also provide recommendations to enrollment leaders about how they can most effectively prepare for fall 2020 and beyond.

To view on-demand recordings or register for upcoming webcasts, visit our e-learning page.

Professional Development